Daily Entry

Daily Entry

The daily entry sweepstakes are the ones you can enter only one time per day or 24 hours. Tip: Make sure to enter every single day to maximize your total number of entries. This is the only way to increase your chances of winning.

ellentv.com/carnival - Oh Ship! I Won A Cruise Sweepstakes

EllenTV.com/Carnival: Oh Ship! I Won A Cruise

Did you know you could win a cruise on Carnival Cruise Line just by watching Ellen? All this week, look for the clue of the day then go online to EllenTV.com/Carnival to enter. You might be saying "Oh Ship! I won a cruise!".
Cap'n Crunch Spin To Win - www.crunchspintowin.com

Cap’n Crunch Spin To Win And Be A Captain Instant Win Game

Crunch, spin to win at CrunchSpinToWin.com, and you could be the winner of a year of Pandora One! Plus, you could win other great prizes such as Cap'n Crunch branded merchandise.
Newport-Pleasure.com/WheelsUp Epic Getaway Sweepstakes 2016

Newport-Pleasure.com/WheelsUp: Epic Getaway Sweepstakes 2016

When you enter the Newport Pleasure Wheels Up Epic Getaway Sweepstakes 2016 at Newport-Pleasure.com/WheelsUp, you could win an epic getaway or thousands of other great instant win prizes!
yoplait.com/100ways enter code

Visit Yoplait.com/100Ways To Enter Code And Win

Visit Yoplait.com/100Ways, enter code and you could win thousands of prizes including the $100,000 grand prize and other great instant win prizes.
right this minute buzzword for today

Here Is The Right This Minute Buzzword For Today!

The Right This Minute Buzzword for today can be found right here on SweepstakesDepot, each and every weekday! You're welcome!
BudlightLetsGo.com - Bud Light Let's Go! Sweepstakes

BudlightLetsGo.com – Bud Light Let’s Go Sweepstakes

Visit BudLightLetsGo.com to enter the Bud Light Let's Go! Sweepstakes and you could win season tickets to your NFL team for the 2017/18 NFL regular season.

Tickets, Trips, And Tailgates At Popeye’s

Visit TicketsTripsAndTailgates.com to enter your cup code from Popeye's and you could win! Plus, a chance at instant win prizes with every codes!

Call 855-50-PRICE To Win The Price is Right Play At Home Game

Price Is Right fans who call the Play At Home Game at 855-50-PRICE are automatically entered for a chance to win great prizes.
Conoco TANK5 Promotion

Conoco TANK5 Promotion

Go to conocotank5.com or play via SMS to enter the Conoco TANK5 Promotion now through September 11, 2015 and you could win Conoco-76 gift cards worth up to $50!

Newport-Pleasure.com – Newport Pleasure Payday Sweepstakes

Enter the Newport Pleasure Payday Sweepstakes at Newport-Pleasure.com now for a chance to win up to $100,000 cash!